Activities To Do With Your Cavachon Inside

7 Best Activities To Do With Your Cavachon Inside

A Cavachon is a moderately active dog that requires between 30 – 40 minutes of exercise per day.

This can be achieved with a walk around the block. However, this can be a challenge when the weather outside is miserable or there’s something else keeping you inside your home.

With that in mind, it’s still possible to keep your Cavachon mentally and physically stimulated inside.

To give you some inspiration I’ve put together this list of 7 activities to do with your Cavachon inside. I hope it gives you some inspiration for fun activities to try out for yourself.

1 Teach Your Dog To Use A Ball Launcher

Ball launchers, as the name suggests, launch tennis balls in the air for your dog to catch.

Most ball launchers are designed to teach your dog to use and they are generally safe to use indoors as long as the power setting is reduced.

Training your dog to use the ball launcher is in itself a great way to keep them mentally stimulated.

Once they master how to use the ball launcher they can play with it without you needing to do anything.

With that said, it’s always important to supervise your dog when they’re playing with something like a ball launcher.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than watching your dog play with a ball launcher that you’ve trained them to interact with.

This can be a great party trick and an excellent way to keep your Cavachon mentally and physically stimulated while staying inside.

If you’re looking for a ball launcher, the iFetch interactive ball launcher is a good choice. I personally own one of these and it works extremely well:

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2 Play With A Kong Toy

A Kong is a durable puzzle toy that can keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated as they try to extract treats from it.

Put some of your Cavachon’s favorite treats into the Kong and watch them roll it around and chew it to try and get the treats out of the small hole in the base of the toy.

This is especially helpful when you’re stuck inside the house due to the bad weather outside for example. Your Cavachon will still have plenty to keep them occupied.

KONG – Classic Dog Toy (affiliate link)

3 Practice Obedience Training

A great way to exercise your Cavachon inside is to practice obedience training.

Training your dog inside is great because you are in a controlled and quiet environment that makes training a lot easier.

Your dog won’t be distracted by interesting smells, people passing by, or other dogs running around.

In addition to being a great way to exercise your Cavachon, regular obedience training is also a great way to form a positive bond with your dog.

Start with the basics and once you’ve mastered those you can move onto more complicated tricks that will be really fun to work on.

4 Play A Game Of Tug Of War

A game of tug of war with a rope toy is a great way to exercise your Cavachon and yourself!

It’s also a great way to exercise your Cavachon inside as it doesn’t require much space.

With that said, it’s important that you train your dog to play tug of war correctly.

If you play tug of war without establishing any rules, the next time you try to retrieve your sock from your Cavachon’s mouth, it will think you’re trying to play and won’t let it go.

It’s a good idea to incorporate some obedience training into tug of war so your dog knows the difference between play and not play.

For instance, teach your dog to drop the rope toy on command. Once they master the drop command this can be used in other situations to ensure they don’t eat something they shouldn’t.

5 Teach Your Dog To Retrieve Their Toys

A really fun party trick is to practice teaching your dog to retrieve specific toys. This is always really fun to watch and would be a good way to spend time inside exercising your Cavachon.

The key to this activity is to assign keywords to your dog’s favorite toys so they recognize each one.

This trick certainly requires a bit of patience and consistency but it’s really satisfying when your dog masters retrieving a specific toy.

6 Play With Puzzle Toys

Playing with puzzle toys is a great way to keep your Cavachon both physically and mentally stimulated on days when you are stuck inside.

There are lots of different types of puzzle toys but they mainly involve trying to access treats hidden inside of them.

Your dog will happily spend time trying to unlock the dog treats in any way possible.

7 Make An Indoor Obstacle Course

The final activity on this list is a fun one if you have enough space in your house.

Get your creativity going by building an indoor obstacle course for your Cavachon to run through.

You could use chairs, old toys, or buy purpose-built equipment, it’s up to you.

This is certainly a way to get you and your Cavachon up and about without having to leave the house.


I hope you found some helpful ideas for activities to do with your Cavachon inside.

Let’s summarize the 7 activities:

  1. Teach your dog to use a ball launcher
  2. Play with a Kong toy
  3. Practice obedience training
  4. Play a game of tug of war
  5. Teach your dog to retrieve their toys
  6. Play with puzzle toys
  7. Make an indoor obstacle course

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